罗克兰中心美食广场“La Cuisine”

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加拿大 蒙特利尔 | Montreal, Canada

入口 ©Adrien Williams

罗克兰中心拥有丰富而充满活力的历史。建筑师维克多·普卢斯(Victor Prus)最初的设计理念是,从上世纪60年代起,无论是豪华的人行道,还是复杂的活动,都将其作为大蒙特利尔的标志性目的地。

尊重这一遗产,一个细致和微妙的概念得到了完善:只有食物的多样性被保留在传统的美食庭院。“La Cuisine”遵循大天窗的强烈理念,希望提供特权时刻。设计和建筑被研究来支持安静奢华的理念。

The Rockland Center owns a rich and vibrant history. Its original concept, by the architect Victor Prus, places it, since of the ’60s, as an emblematic destination of the Greater Montreal, both by its luxurious walkways and its sophisticated events.

Respecting this heritage, a meticulous and subtle concept was perfected: only the diversity of food was kept from the traditional food court. Following the strong idea of a large skylight, “La Cuisine” wants to offer privileged moments. The design and the architecture have been studied to support the idea of quiet luxury.



A major opening towards Acadie Boulevard assures flooding of natural lighting throughout the indoor space, which was previously only artificially lit. The numerous vegetal interior inserts complement the interior as a whole and transform the site into a grand garden and a wide dining room.

The food court offers many sub-spaces featuring different atmospheres. Some value the refined details and maximum brightness, others felted and comfortable alcoves, the latter features copper and greenery. All these combined spaces succeed in creating harmony through the use of noble materials such as marble, wood, copper and leather while exposing sumptuous lighting custom-designed for the project.

A Central Island

中央岛被构思和设计为“La Cuisine”餐厅精神的活跃核心。它的边缘是高计数器玩“观看和被观看”的想法。为了达到这个目的,花园风格的木制座椅家具被开发出来,然后用植物插入物升华,给这个地方带来亲密感。

The central island was conceived and designed as the active heart of “La Cuisine” in a dining-room spirit. It is bordered with high counters to play with the “watching and being watched” idea. To this end, garden-inspired furniture with wooden seats was developed, and then sublimed with a vegetal insert, bringing intimacy to the place. 

The Chef’s Kitchen


Created to host prestigious chefs and culinary events, The Chef’s Kitchen is equipped with a large and open countertop. This allows the integration of knowledge sharing into the tasting experience in a thoughtful and distinctive space.

The Food Trucks

“Food Trucks”的最初概念,容许临时设置多个食肆,为期三个月,以便在一个非典型的室内美食广场范围内品尝街头食物。美食家们可以在每次参观时更新他们的体验!

The original concept of “Food Trucks” islands allows the temporary installation of various restaurants for a period of three months in order to taste street foods in an atypical interior food court scope. The foodies can renew their experience at each visit!

The Terrace


To support the garden idea, a large terrace continues this intimate garden concept. An exterior area was created with fireplaces that takes into perspective the Montreal lifestyle and its four seasons.

And many more!


From the Chefs’ kitchen to the children’s spaces, not forgetting a stage that can accommodate musical groups, to a central island where guests can eat at the bar and enjoy the open kitchen experience; the new concept of the food court has been completely redesigned to support meetings and receive various events.


项目: La foire alimentaire du Centre Rockland

地点:加拿大, 魁北克, 维尔 蒙特 罗亚尔



室内设计:Huma design + architecture



照明:Lightemotion(概念来自Lightemotion, Huma Design + architecture and Architecture49)

定制照明:灯具Authentik (Huma design + architecture设计)

Technical sheet:

Project: La foire alimentaire du Centre Rockland
Place: Ville Mont-Royal, Québec, Canada

Client: Cominar 
Area: 35,500 sqft

Interior design: Humà Design + architecture
Architecture: Architecture49
Engineers: GBI 
Lighting: Lightemotion (Concept by Lightemotion,  Humà Design + architecture and Architecture49) 
Custom-made lighting: Luminaire Authentik (design by Humà Design + architecture)