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意大利 法加尼亚 | Fagagna, Italy

Pratic 工厂设计:折射出来的冷暖色立面根据一天的时间和天气条件的连续变化
折射出来的冷暖色立面根据一天的时间和天气条件的连续变化 ©Javier Callejas

现实的总部与天地对话,有光有影。 The Pratic Headquarters dialogue with the earth and the sky, with light and shadow.


Pratic Spa是一家太阳能遮阳系统制造商,是一个工业基地,在这里,生产的建筑成为景观的一部分,并加强其身份。



The productive and directional functions relate to the landscape without mimicry. The spaces are designed with the aim of establishing a constant relationship between interior and exterior. Thus Pratic becomes the landmark of the landscape.

The Pratic Spa, a manufacturer of solar shading systems, is an industrial site where the architecture for production becomes a contribution to the landscape and reinforces its identity.

The intervention involves and integrates industrial volumes and vast open spaces. The buildings are related to the earth and the sky, with light and shadow. The productive and directional functions relate to the landscape without mimicry, and the spaces are designed with the aim of establishing a constant dialogue between inside and outside. The building thus becomes a comfortable and functional landmark. The typological plant includes an office building, a showroom, research and innovation laboratories, spaces for production, painting and warehouses, a wellness area for employees. All these functions are linked by the design of open spaces and parking lots, defined by the embankments modeled along the roads, by the spaces dedicated to relaxation and meeting, by the control of the views on the landscape. It is an industrial building in constant relation with the natural landscape.

The headquarters were built in two phases: the first in 2011 and the subsequent expansion in 2018.

Pratic 工厂设计:面板的反射也确保了立面的连续颜色变化:根据一天的时间和光线强度的变化,建筑可能呈现出黑色、金色、光泽和无限的变化
面板的反射也确保了立面的连续颜色变化:根据一天的时间和光线强度的变化,建筑可能呈现出黑色、金色、光泽和无限的变化 ©Javier Callejas

PRATIC 2 – 生产综合体扩建(2018) PRATIC 2 . Production complex enlargement (2018)


A few years after its inauguration, the Pratic doubles.Same customers and same architects who believe in the same values: simplicity and efficiency.

立面板由两种不同类型的聚碳酸酯组合而成:背面是一种不透明的化合物,阻碍光线通过,而正面是“冷色”©Javier Callejas


The enlargement of the Pratic, built in adherence to the industrial building of the first lot, is a complex project, despite apparently showing an essential character. This is a rectangular building of about 9.000 sqm that completes and improves the existing production department built in 2011. The functional program is almost the same of the previous building: offices, services, canteen, wellness area, production, warehouses, painting plant, as well as parking areas and service areas included in the rigorous design of the open spaces.

承重结构完全隐藏在包层系统的后面 ©Javier Callejas
现有的立面(2011年第一次干预)现在在扩大内部 ©Javier Callejas


The new building consists of two simple elements: the rhythm given by the windows, which repeats and declares continuity with the existing facade, and the reflecting skin, which dissolves the new volume in the sky. The first lot, black and grainy, seems to arise from the ground, settling the building in place; the second lot, always black but reflective and iridescent, mirrors the landscape and the light with images that are always different due to weather variability. The first one is “heavy” and permanent, in search of eternity, the second one is “light” and changeable, ready to dissolve in the sky: the building completed the molt of its skin.

立面图 ©GEZA – Gri e Zucchi Architettura srl
聚碳酸酯面板是定制的,以便当从远处观察时获得反射正面,当近距离观察时获得“深”的反射正面©Javier Callejas
立面由4厘米厚的聚碳酸酯板组成,10米高 ©Javier Callejas


The facade consists of a single material, of a unique size: a 4 centimeters thick polycarbonate panel, about 10 meters high, fixed to prefabricated concrete structure. The polycarbonate panels are customized in order to obtain a reflecting facade when seen from afar and “deep” when observed closely. The panels consist of two different types of polycarbonate combined together: the rear side has an opaque compound which impedes the light to pass through, while the front is “frozen”. In this way the load-bearing structure is completely hidden behind the cladding system and the verticality of the new facade sets up an interesting dialogue with the black concrete panels of the existent building. From afar the building reflects the sky and appears cladded by huge glass plates, while close up it looks “lighter”, maintaining a dialogue with the pre-existence. The mirroring of the panels also ensures a continuous color variation of the facades: depending on the time of the day and varying in light intensity the building may appear black, golden, metallic, opaque, glossy, infinitely variable.

窗户的节奏重复,并与现有的立面( PRATIC 1.0 )保持连续性
窗户的节奏重复,并与现有的立面( PRATIC 1.0 )保持连续性 ©Javier Callejas


The entire settlement is included in the architectural design of the landscape and open spaces. Places designed for relaxation, pedestrian paths and parking lots are enclosed in the design of the “modified embankments” that insert subtle variations of slope with respect to the roads and access roads. In this way, the project is inserted in the ground in a clear way, highlighting the shape and geometry of the territory. The building demonstrates that industrial architecture can add value to the landscape and improve the quality of the workplace. This is a great opportunity to rethink the relationship between architecture and nature, putting man back in the middle.

混凝土立面向北“溶解”成为一个反射立面 ©Javier Callejas

PRATIC 1 办公室及生产综合大楼(2011)PRATIC 1 . Offices and production complex (2011)


The complex placed adjacent to the provincial highway that leads from Udine to Spilimbergo. The intervention is composed principally by a parallelepiped volume with a surface of approximately 9.000 sqm that houses the main productive core and a second volume of about 1.000 sqm placed adjacent to the first but rotated in order to align with the highway is dedicated to the offices.

场地 ©GEZA – Gri e Zucchi Architettura srl
第一个地块呈黑色和颗粒状,看起来像是从地面上升起的,第二个地块总是黑色的,但具有反射性和彩虹色彩,用因天气条件而总是不同的图像来反映景观和光线 ©Javier Callejas


The area, anchored in the industrial zone of the town, is also intimately tied to the surrounding agricultural landscape and is framed at north by the mountainscape.

建筑充满了强烈的简约欲望 ©Javier Callejas


The project is infused with a strong desire for simplicity. The volume housing the offices becomes a striking sign even to those driving by on the highway, one that seeks to establish a dialogue between the concepts of stasis and movement. The production core’s more pronounced verticality is characterized by a striated facade dominated by alternating glazed surfaces and solid panels of diverse widths that are always ten meters in height. The differing dimensions of black marble stone and dark cement that make up the finish of the panels allow for a varied facade alive with the interplay of sunlight, shadow and changing atmospheric conditions.

Pratic 1 (2011) & Pratic 2 (2018)
Pratic 1 (2011) & Pratic 2 (2018) ©Javier Callejas


The office core is protected on the south side by a dark concrete beam of grand dimensions (approximately 80 meters in length) that highlights at a larger scale the horizontality of certain elements of the project. The beam, parallel to the ground, projects beyond the building’s perimeter as if to indicate a confrontation between itself and the landscape. Its reflection on the glazed facade yields a great “floating shade” that serves a climatic function by mediating temperature within the work spaces.

聚碳酸酯面板是定制的,以获得一个反射立面 ©Javier Callejas


This simplicity can even be understood in terms of the project’s interaction with the surrounding context: the cultivated terrain opens towards the southern and western fronts of the complex, merging it with the landscape. The two main buildings straddle the garden, a semi-private area that reconciles the production core with that of the administration. The materiality and nature of the space interrupts the fluidity of the office core, thus creating a more intimate relationship between nature and man. The area reserved for vehicles is situated within a circular perimeter slightly buried in respect to the highway in order to buffer the visual impact this has on the project.

新建筑由两个简单的元素组成:窗户赋予的节奏,重复并声明与现有立面的连续性,以及反射的表皮,融合了天空中的新体量 ©Javier Callejas
Pratic 1 (2011) & Pratic 2 (2018)


Project data

LocationFagagna, Udine  
ClientPratic F.lli Orioli Spa  
ChronologyDesign phase: 2016Construction: 02.2017 / 04.2018 
Dimensional dataIntervention area: 30.000 sqmProduction: 7.520 sqmOffices and services: 730 sqmLoading area: 1.800 sqmLandscape: 22.000 sqmparking lot: 70 places 
Architecture and landscapedesignGEA Gri e Zucchi Architettura srlarch. Stefania Anzil (project manager)arch. Alessia Dorigoarch. Matteo Compriarch. Elisa Mansutti 
Structural designIng. A. Nutta, Nuttassociati  
Mechanical and electrical designE4F Srl  
Acoustic comfort adviceStudio Musolla  
ContractorsPre-Systems Spa (prefabricated structure) Slurry Srl (landscape and building works) Vaportermica Commerciale Srl (Mechanical plants) Impresa Tonon Spa (Electrical plants) Pavarin F.lli Snc (Window frames and facade cladding) Iron+ Srl (carpentry works) Multitema Srl (Interior finishings and furniture) Adotta Italia Srl (System walls) 
PhotographerJavier Callejas